Dear friends and visitors to Loom in a Tube,

I will no longer be selling the Loom in a Tube and other products via this website or at weaving conferences and other venues.  After five busy but rewarding years, I have decided to focus exclusively on my woven art.

I have enjoyed meeting thousands of weavers, and working with hundreds, by offering new ideas to inspire you and offering affordable products to help you get started. If my products have served their purpose by drawing you closer to your creative dreams, then I have succeeded and can retire my business with a calm and grateful heart.

If you or anyone you know has an interest in taking on the Loom in a Tube brand name and design, please contact me at

Please stay in touch with me on Facebook and at my other website where I feature my woven art:

Happy Weaving!

Rebecca Smith

April 17, 2014



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